How to Avoid Suicide Death when You're Overwhelmed by a Strong Suicidal Urge

Sept. 27.Yuko TakeuchiActressHanging40
Sept. 14.Sei AshinaActressHanging36
July 18.Haruma MiuraActorHanging30
July 10.Hina TakanoJapanese idolJumping off20
May 23.Hana KimuraFemale pro
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In Japan, there was a spate of celebrity suicides after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Now, there is an increase in access to previous articles that covered the issues of suicide.

I guess they wanted to know how to avoid suicide and save lives.

To tell you the truth, I had suffered strong suicidal urges two days in a row, driven by the side effects of an antidepressant.

But I survived that life-threatening experience.

Based on this near-death experience, I'm going to tell you how we can prevent suicide death without fault.

Suicide after midnight

While all the details were not disclosed, I quickly noticed that there was a “common denominator” in all of those shocking incidents.

All of them committed suicide after midnight.

The risk of suicide death peaks between midnight and 6 a.m. The risk grows more rapidly than other times of day.

But after 6 a.m., the risk drops sharply to its previous level.

Dead men tell no tales.

As one of the rare survivors of very strong suicidal urges, I must mention that changes in suicidal urges by time are exactly the same as those of the suicide death rate (the graph above).

The hours I was struggling with strong suicidal urges were also between midnight and 6am: The Hours of The Reaper.

All of a sudden, without any signs, I was obsessed with a strong suicidal urge and involuntarily began to tremble violently from head to toe. The agitation, as if someone was controlling my mind and body, could only be described as the work of the “Reaper.”

Simply wait for the sunrise, keep your body still

As this graph shows, the Reaper is extremely nocturnal. They can't act by daylight.

Therefore, no matter how fierce the suicidal urges are, when the sun rises, we can surely be free from such life-threatening situations.

Weather conditions do not matter. Of course, clear skies are preferable, but rainy weather is also fine. Once the sunlight brightens the world, the strong suicidal urge vanishes rapidly as if by magic.

Just bear up for several hours until dawn. This will surely prevent you from committing suicide. That is what I can assure you as a survivor of two times of suicidal crises.

By the way, even if you are suffering from other problems, just endure it until dawn. The suffering will soon disappear.

Sunlight has the ability to refresh people's minds.

Keep yourself still until dawn.

However, a few hours before dawn seem many times longer and unbearable because you must not move an inch during that period.

Possessed by the Reaper, you are already deprived of your physical and mental freedom.

In my case, I was obsessed with very strong urges to jump.

On the two consecutive life-and-death nights, if I got out of bed and put my feet on the floor, even one step, I would have run up to the roof and committed suicide by jumping off.

Your body trembles violently and becomes uncontrollable. If you act even a little bit in such a confused state, the Reaper will easily take control of your body and complete suicide.

So, the best thing you can do is keep your body still. Avoid roll-overs as much as possible. In principle don't even go to the bathroom.

This is because you are in emergency.

Just hold out for a few hours. The sun is about to rise.

After a few hours of tolerance, you are surely free from the suicidal urge. You have survived.

This is all I can tell you as a survivor of strong suicidal urges. But you can certainly avoid suicide death in this way.

As a matter of fact, this is how I overcame two consecutive nights of severe suicidal urges caused by depression.

Rush into a psychosomatic medicine

After the sunrise, be sure to visit a psychosomatic medicine. Now you are free from the suicidal urge. Therefore, you may misunderstand you've already become healthy. But it's wrong. No need to make an appointment because it's urgent, just run into the hospital.

Effective medications should be prescribed there. Please take your medication as instructed. Visit the clinic regularly.

Never stop your medication at your own judgment

Never STOP taking your medication at your own judgment.

Sudden stop or reduction of medication can cause “withdrawal symptoms.” Simply put, it's a re-worsening of symptoms. Often the symptoms become even worse than before.

Naturally, you would have a strong suicidal urge again. So NEVER stop or reduce your medication on your own.

Youths, never hasten to kill yourself

These are the methods to avoid on suicide caused by depression and stress-related mental disorders.

But I think there is another kind of suicide: Suicide of youth.

  • Suicide from mental disorder or stress.
  • Suicide of youth: Reckless suicide.

Reckless suicide is carried out in a very short period of time. Once you feel “you wanna die,” you immediately kill yourself. This is quite typical in teens and 20s.

July 18.Haruma MiuraActorHanging30
July 10.Hina TakanoJapanese idolJumping off20
May 23.Hana KimuraFemale pro
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I guess those three celebrities may have committed reckless suicide. But Mr. Haruma Miura might be an exception, since I don't know if his suicide by hanging in the closet was carefully planned or not.

The feature of the reckless suicide is that the means is not well planned or thorough. In that context, Ms. Hana Kimura and Ms. Hinan Takano's suicides were probably reckless ones unique to young people.

Well planned suicide

On the other hand, Mrs. Yuko Takeuchi was spending time with her family as usual until the last dinner.

But only a few hours later, at least by 2 a.m., she seemed to have committed suicide. The setup was fairly smooth. It was very well planned and prepared.

To commit hanging suicide, she had to prepare a rope that can withstand her own weight. She also examined where the rope could be firmly fastened.

And she probably researched the hours when she could kill herself unnoticed by her family.

I guess she was suffering from mental health problems for several months before the death.

Youths, just wait for the sunrise

Why do teens and 20s hasten to die so much? I don't know the reason. Probably it's due to the overly high capacity to act. But again, dead men tell no tales. No details are known.

However, in the case of a reckless suicide, the way to avoid it is the same.

Just wait for the sunrise, and keep your body still.

Again, the sunlight always refreshes people's minds.
Just bear up for several hours until dawn.

Telephone consultation is not recommended

In Japan, there are a few telephone consultation services that are specialized in suicide problems.

But they are not open between midnight and 6 a.m. It's the time when suicide death risk peaks. Meanwhile, the counselors sleep soundly.

There is only one service that offers 24-hour phone consultations: yorisoi-hottorain. But the media won't let us know. Simply they don't know about it.

Open between midnight and 6 a.m.

The first reason I don't recommend them is that they are not open at the time when suicidal people are seeking help the most.

Interference of non-professional person

Is the person on the line an expert in suicide problem? I do not think so.

Especially in Japan, psychiatric social workers (PSW) are often present in the field of mental health counseling. Perhaps it's because of the shortage of professionals.

However, they are laymen in psychopathology. They are unable to help suicidal people.

On the contrary, interference by non-professional person promotes suicide behavior. We can call, but can't select the person.

That's why I don't recommend telephone consultation.

Avoid social media

Social media should definitely be avoided in terms of interference by non-professional person.

I know they are handy communication tools and available anywhere at any time. They are more convenient than telephone consultation.

But is there an expert in psychopathology among strangers you are talking with?

No, not at all.

I say again that the interference or advise by non-professional person surely promotes your suicidal behavior.

Here comes the sun, you're all right

Circumstances vary from country to country, but I still don't recommend a telephone consultation. Social media should never be used!

That's because you can't know what kind of person you're talking to in each way. You don't know his or her background either. They may be laymen.

Just bear up for several hours until the sunrise, and then run to a professional psychotherapist on your feet. I do recommend this primitive method.
Sunlight shinning on a lady

Photo by Leon Biss on Unsplash

It's because interference by non-professional person or layman in a life-threatening situation surely causes a miserable end.

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