Mission & Background

Our mission is to save the mentally disabled living alone in Japan from severe relative poverty.

On September 1, 2016, “The New Grade Determination Guidelines for Mental Disorders” came into effect in Japan. Since then, the mentally disabled living alone can no longer receive disability pension benefits.

  • The economic loss from the cutoff of disability pension is at least 50,000 JPY (about US$470) per month.
  • On an annual basis, the loss amounts to more than 600,000 JPY (about US$7,000).
  • Despite this, they still have to pay the house rent, utilities, food, and other living expenses on their own every month.
  • What is worse, there is no other public support that they can rely on.

In short, since September 1, 2016, the mentally disabled living alone have been pushed into dire economic straits, or severe relative poverty in Japan.

Also the Socially Vulnerable in Japan

The mentally disabled have traditionally been given the cold shoulder. In fact, their average monthly wage is still 60,000 JPY (about US$565) less than that of the physically disabled. Taking into account the economic loss due to the cutoff of disability pensions, there is an economic disparity of over 110,000 JPY (about US$1,050) per month or 1,320,000 JPY (about US$12,600) per year between the two.

Multiple Difficulties

If they were healthy, they could make up for the economic damage by working more on their own. But, of course, they are not.

The reality is that they are all suffering from mental illness and struggling with economic difficulties simultaneously.

This is why they need help.

  • Combating mental illness: Psychiatric symptoms and Japanese social barriers such as prejudice, discrimination, and difficulty in finding a job
  • Severe poverty since September 2016

Both are difficult to resolve. However, we believe that poverty can surely be solved with financial support. That is why we have launched this donation campaign.

Alone - An Immense Suffering

Remember, it is the mentally disabled living alone who are driven into extreme poverty. This means that they have to cope with both economic difficulties and mental illness alone. And being alone itself is an immense suffering.

Your donation is not just a financial aid, but also an encouraging message: “You are not alone”. Your donation can also ease their loneliness and distress.

Your loving donations are greatly appreciated. The amount doesn't matter because what they lack most is compassion and love from others.

Thank you.

Donations Can Be Made Here

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